What is 2PAC?

At A Davine Finish, we often talk about 2PAC coating for kitchens, bathrooms, and other restoration projects. It's a versatile, durable, and stunning alternative to more costly renovation options. 

2PAC Finishing refers to a hardened paint finish that is applied to cupboard doors and drawers. It's called 2PAC because it begins as two liquids (two-pack), which, when combined, have a chemical reaction, causing the mix to harden into its desired finish. 

To get a bit technical, the two components are a resin that contains acrylic paint, and melamine, while the other contains a hardening agent. Because there is very little solvent (the component that things dissolve into), not much of the solution evaporates, which results in a thick, durable finish.

2PAC application is a particular skill, since the components can be dangerous, and the application process is sensitive to dust, temperature, and other external influences. Thankfully, A Davine Finish are 2PAC experts, and are highly skilled at application for a stunning finish.


So why 2PAC?

To put it simply - there's no other coating that beats 2PAC. It offers a gleaming finish, like a newly painted car. It is incredibly durable and is able to withstand stains, UV light, moisture, scratches, temperature variations, and more. And compared to more traditional re-finishing options like laminates, it is simply far superior: when looked after, 2PAC coatings can last over 20 years.

2PAC offers you the most versatile re-finishing option for your cabinetry, without requiring you to completely rip out and install new cabinetry, which can end up being far more costly! At A Davine Finish, we offer a range of finishing options, giving you as much selection as you want. We offer matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss paint finishing. We can even match the gloss level and colour to your preference.

And for the cherry on top? We can even apply the 2PAC finish to stainless steel using a specialised process that both protects the material, but also allows for full customisation in colour and finish.


Want to find out more about how 2PAC finishing can help rejuvinate your space?