Bathroom Restoration

Don't replace it - reface it!

Is your bathroom​ in need of a revamp? Do you have outdated cabinetry that you just can't get looking clean and hygienic? Want to avoid the messy, expensive, and time-consuming process of a full bathroom renovation?

Thankfully, bathroom cabinetry can be totally transformed with hassle-free alterations to the outdated cabinets by using 2Pac spray painting method. This method has been shown to withstand moisture and heat much more effectively than cheaper melamine and laminate. It'll also stay looking freshly painted for many years to come.

2Pac coating is highly versatile too. A wooden bathroom vanity finished in a satin or gloss clear finish will retain its character and authenticity, while providing protection over time.

Some simple processes, such as bathroom cabinet restoration, bathroom paint, and replacing outdated tiles for a stunning glass bathroom splashback will completely change the look and feel of your kitchen.

We understand the importance of retaining the small details of an antique, so our team will bring the work back to life while maintaining its original character. We specialise in the traditional French Polish finish and all that's involved with such a workflow program. We're also more than happy to work with trusted and experienced tradespeople to bring out the best in any unit, new or old.

There is no restoration too big or too small; whether it's an entire buffet or a single chair, we will take the time and care to make sure you are happy with the process and final product. We will work closely with you to understand the colours, design, and finish you're looking for. And with the unique skills of Greg and his dad, we can transform your piece into an immaculately finished product. 

We take pride in having a personal relationship with each of our customers, this way we are able to work side-by-side from the beginning to end in making sure you are completely satisfied with the final product.


Don't spend thousands on replacing an outdated bathroom with perfectly good foundations. Let us show you how economical restoration can be!

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