Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 2 Pac?

2 Pac is an abbreviation of Two Pack, it is basically two components of spray paint that when combined allow the paint to cure with the desired finish. Although there are tough chemicals within the 2 Pac such as polyisocyanate that works as the hardener, once it is dry the finish is completely safe. However, the application requires specific expertise and performed in a state of the art spray booth with professional equipment in order to produce the perfect finish in a safe manner.   

Q: Why bother using a 2 pac finish instead of sticking to finishes such as veneer or Melamine?

To put it simply you can't beat a 2 pac finish. It offers a gleaming prestige finish like on a freshly painted car. It is extremely durable and is able to withstand stains, scratches, temperature variations, UV light, and moisture. All of which are common in sectors of the home such as the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. When looked after 2 Pac coatings can last for longer than 20 years!


Two Pac coating can be done in various gloss levels ranging from matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss paint finishing. This gloss level and colour can be matched specifically to your preference.

Q: Can you 2pac stainless steel?

We certainly can 2pac paint stainless steel. There is a specialised process that is used in order to treat the steel to protect it and following that a gorgeous two pac finish can be applied.

Q: How long after its spayed does it take to cure and can be used?

After the application it will take around 7 days to fully harden to cure. 

Q: Can you do upholstery for restored furniture? 

Yes, we work alongside a reputable upholsterer that can recover any restored piece. 

Q: Can you pick up and deliver?

Yes, We are more then happy to pick and deliver your kitchen panels or furniture if required.  

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