Why Restore Furniture?

Everyone loves the feeling of new furniture that changes and enhances the feeling of a space. But there's unique benefits to restoring old furniture, all while getting that same amazing feeling.

Furniture is essential to a home: it is quite literally the heart, soul, and character of much of the home. So it's only natural that we build an attachment to these pieces, especially if they've been in your home for a long time. And for furniture that was gifted, handed down, or bought during a significant time in your life, it can be hard to say goodbye to these pieces.

So as furniture naturally begins to wear and show its age as styles change, we all face a pretty difficult decision: do I throw out this piece? 

Even without attachment to it, well built furniture can have a long lifetime, even beyond the longevity of its styling and ability to fit in your home. This is where furniture restoration comes in. Create a whole new feeling with your same beloved piece, all while saving money and being less wasteful.


Same Furniture, New Style

Many well built pieces of furniture can last a lifetime, particularly those made out of solid wood with great construction. Why throw out these incredible pieces, and instead focus on creating a new feel with the same piece of furniture. Do you have a wooden table or chair that's showing a bit of wear? Or do you have a table you love, but simply doesn't fit the room anymore? 

A furniture restoration can completely change the feel of a piece, giving it a brand new life. In particular, wooden furniture can be refinished to fit the feel of the room, whether it be through painting or refinishing entirely.

Having your older furniture restored can keep the character you fell in love with originally, but with a face-lift to better suit your current home and tastes.


The carbon output from manufacturing, shipping, and other logistical steps in receiving new furniture are massive, particularly in a global economy where your furniture may be arriving from overseas. By restoring your furniture, you're avoiding not only the waste from removing a functional piece of furniture, but you're also entirely circumventing the manufacture and transport of a new piece of furniture. 

Good for you, good for your home, and good for the environment!

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Cheaper than Buying New

The idea of buying entirely new sets of furniture can be daunting, especially when it comes down to large, quality purchases, like tables, lounges, and entertainment units, because of the price associated with them. Why spend thousands on a brand new piece of furniture when you can have your current quality pieces entirely reworked - and save money! And, with our restoration services, you can have a perfect piece created to suit your exact needs, rather than buying another off-the-shelf piece.

Ready to find out more about how you can restore your existing furniture, rather than buying new?


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