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For 17 years, A Davine Finish has been building a reputation for excellence and quality craftsmanship. With the combined 95 years of experience between father-and-son Team Glen and Greg Davine, we guarantee a pristine finish to your beloved treasures.

Having experience in stripping timber back and getting it to the polishing stage is very important in the ancient art of French Polishing. Not only can timber lose its character if stripped incorrectly, but it can also lose its value. The same is true for the polish application.

We understand the importance of retaining the small details of an antique, so our team will bring the work back to life while maintaining its original character. We specialise in the traditional French Polish finish and all that's involved with such a workflow program. We're also more than happy to work with trusted and experienced tradespeople to bring out the best in any unit, new or old.

There is no restoration too big or too small; whether it's an entire buffet or a single chair, we will take the time and care to make sure you are happy with the process and final product. We will work closely with you to understand the colours, design, and finish you're looking for. And with the unique skills of Greg and his dad, we can transform your piece into an immaculately finished product. 

If you're looking to make more simple changes to a kitchen or bathroom, we can assist in not only cabinet restoration but also timber benchtop restoration. A natural timber benchtop can work as a bold statement piece in a modern home, while they can produce a softer vintage look for an older home with more detail.

Dining Room Table





Why choose A Davine Finish' on the Sunshine Coast to restore your furniture?

A Davine Finish is a family-owned business on the Sunshine Coast. We provide French Polishing and other restoration services to make your old furniture look new! A Davine Finish works to ensure that the character of the piece is retained, while giving it a whole new life.

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Entertainment Unit


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Side Table


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View our gallery of stunning restorations completed by A Davine Finish. There's no need to replace the piece of furniture; we can make it look like a completely new piece, built to suit your decor.